Manufacturer of Power Transmission Equipment Specializing in Worm Gear & Helical Gear Speed Reducers

Worm Gear & Helical Gear Speed Reducers

About IPTS, Inc.

Power Transmission Gears

IPTS, Inc. has been providing solutions to the power transmission industry for over 30 years. IPTS offers a broad selection of standard designs, along with an excellent reputation for creating innovative solutions to unique reducer applications. IPTS specializes in both Worm Gear and Helical Gear speed reducers. IPTS prides itself on a high value product at low cost.

  • Worm Gear reducers from 1" to 13 3/4" center distance.
  • Helical reducers up to 30 Hp.
  • All standard reducers are made of close grained cast iron to provide for rigid gear and bearing support.
  • Double lip, spring-loaded seals guard against oil leakage and prevent dirt from entering.
  • Stepped shafts with oversized ball and tapered roller bearings.
  • Carbon steel shafts for greater strength.
  • Oil sight gauge for ease of maintenance (not available on all products).
  • Factory oil filled (not available on all products).
  • Every unit test run prior to shipment.
  • Universal mounting with bolt-on feet for Worm Gear reducers.
  • Cast feet for Helical Gear reducers.
  • Highly modifiable designs.
  • Standard shipping: 3-4 days.
  • Same/next day shipping on stock products at no additional cost.